Drones Are In Control Of The Nation

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Alexander Vladimirov, Major General, vice president of Russia’s board of military experts): “Due to the work of the creative part of society, people’s living conditions become safe and comfortable, the drones of society become socially more active because they do not have to spend time and effort to provide for themselves.

“Due to natural irresponsibility, they have a lot of free time, and they fill the entire information and public niches of society by themselves.

“Over time, their public activity fills national information space, blogosphere (social networks, the media) and forms ‘public opinion.’ They know everything, they talk ironically about everything, teach everyone how to live – and nothing can be done with them because it is necessary to be tolerant as this is the main feature of a modern civilized person.

“It begins to seem that precisely drones built the state; they are the main part of it; the country would be lost without them; they are the creators of all the national achievements. ‘Network hamsters’ – blogosphere triumphs, presenting the idols of modern times – bloggers, as the most active and irresponsible part of drones, who joyfully increase the pressure of blogosphere – public opinion (rating) – on the government and society in their own interests.

“Drones begin to consider themselves the basis of the people, who have an indisputable right to dictate lifestyle norms, the questions of national morality and begin to form the personnel policy of the state.

As a result of their actions:

– Drones come to power;

– The rights of drones are being formed in the domestic law;

– The basic spheres of national power are destroyed;

– The ability of people to evolve and be secure is reduced;

The people turn into a community of drones and consumers-parasites;

– The nation slides into degradation, and its historical time expires;

-Thus, a civilization disappears from human history.”

My Comment: These processes of the degeneration of society we see in all the countries. You can only imagine what will happen with the increasing numbers of unemployed; the “drones” will rise up, and society will be gradually destroyed. Only organizing all the members of society, except those needed for creating rational necessary goods, in the system of integral education and upbringing will be able to prevent this process.

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