Draw Your Own Conclusions!

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How is it possible to tell people about the impending crisis correctly?

Answer: First of all, don’t frighten people in any way; simply convey everything on a scientific, logical basis, and connect all the facts together into a single system so that people will understand that we are involved with a systemic crisis of human nature, the opposition of a person with the surrounding world.

It is necessary to put a system into their hands, to bring examples of specific particular cases of the crisis: in health, in education, in information, in culture, in science, in art, in economics, in finance, in all the social realms of society.

We don’t touch upon politics, this is not important to us, for we don’t intend to influence it; we need to educate the people. A change in a person’s values will transform the society. If we correct people, they themselves will find the optimal way of changing society to a good condition.

So we need to show the crisis only through specific examples that are close to people, without scaring them. The main thing is to give people a systematic picture that the crisis is a result of the opposition of our ego to the general altruistic force of nature. When a person understands this, then the entire mosaic will connect together for him.

But it is best not to mention any negative facts that they don’t come from us. During the workshops we give people leading questions and they will tell each other, in discussion together, through accepting each other, about the existence of the crisis and will draw the appropriate conclusions.
From the Talk About Groups and Dissemination 11/24/13

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  1. “We don’t touch upon politics”, yet the last presidential election you were very outspoken about who needed to win for the correction of the world. Confused

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