Uniting Into A Single Drop

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What does it mean to “take everything through the group?” Is it to tell the group about all one’s problems?

Answer: To take everything through the group does not mean that you must tell it everything, although, of course, this principle is partially realized in this way. However, the most important thing is to feel that you are uniting with friends.

This is an internal movement. You hear them, talk to them, and sit with them, all the time trying to “enter” them, to be with them as one whole, up to the point that you start feeling how you begin to enter the upper world through them.

A feeling of the group begins with a simple physical feeling of the friends’ presence. The next stage is a kind of feeling of community.

Then, perhaps, a feeling of dependence emerges. Next comes a feeling of connection and love.

Uniting Into A Single Drop
Thus, gradually, inside of this, a new entity, which we are, begins to show, and, inside  this “we,” the Creator begins to be felt. However, this “we” does not relate to anyone. It is not the sum of us, but one collective whole.

Similarly, a large drop of water is not the sum of all the previous drops from which it was formed because it is a drop by itself. If, for example, twenty droplets merge into one drop, then there are no divisions in it. It is not the sum of the previous drops, but one common whole including all of them. We have to come to this.

As soon as we gather ourselves in the first drop in which there are no divisions, the Creator will be manifested in it immediately. And if we are somehow divided in it, we cannot merge in a single drop; this means that there are the remnants of our breaking, and then the Creator cannot be revealed. This is how it works.
From the Talk about Group and Dissemination 10/21/13

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