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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is your opinion if a person in a Kabbalistic group is engaged in some other ideologies?

Answer: He will confuse himself and the group. I believe that if you engage seriously, you study one thing.

For example, at first I was engaged in bio-cybernetics and with a very serious intention to become the best bio-cybernetisist in the world. Then I realized that this profession did not satisfy me and started seeking something new. I found Kabbalah, and that was it! If you study Kabbalah, then do so with the greatest Kabbalist. I had studied with many teachers until I found Rabash. Then, I completely disconnected from my previous life, moved closer to him, and was with him for 12 years until his death.

I believe that there is no other way. It is impossible to achieve anything if you jump from teaching to teaching, from belief to belief. I do not even want to discuss whether they are good or bad, wise or silly, it does not matter. Simply if you study two methods, it is not good.

How will you be able to understand what is better and what is worse? You know neither Kabbalah nor the other method. What will it give you if you are engaged in both of them? A salad.

Then, I advise you to leave Kabbalah and do only one thing. At least, you will be a specialist in something.
From the Bulgaria Convention “Dawn Of A New World” Day Two 11/2/13, Lesson 3

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