“Children Of Rich Parents Suffering Increased Mental Health Problems”

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from The Telegraph): “The children of rich parents are put under so much pressure to succeed they are at an increased risk of suffering of mental illness, a study has claimed.

“Scientists found that children from homes with an annual income of more than £100,000 ($160,000 US) a year were suffering anxiety and depression at twice the normal rate of their less well-off peers.

“Researchers found issues such as eating disorders, drug abuse, neuroses and self harming were soaring among wealthy teenagers.

“It is thought the relentless pressure being piled on youngsters both at school and in extra-curricular activities is leading to increased feelings of vulnerability.”

My Comment: The reason for this is that they are being pressured by parents and competition among peers; they continue to live in full capitalism, while their poorer peers are in a more sociable environment.

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