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Dr. Michael LaitmanAn event like a Yeshivat Haverim, brings a very strong closeness between us and has a positive influence on everyone. Imagine if we could always rely upon each other in this way and be excited all the time, then if we fell into some bad state a person would immediately realize that it is the ego that intentionally brings him down and he would feel the necessity of connection and inclusion in the group.

And it would be easy, as if he floats on the waves: a little below, a little above, below, above, and thus rising all the time. Every time the ego grows, he rises above it without forgetting that all that is happening to him is given intentionally by the Creator in order to ascend.

He would always feel encouragement and the help of the friends, and it would be easy and simple for him be in a state of ascent all the time, where he would really direct a ray of Light from himself onto all problems and all unpleasantness. In doing so he would transform them into something opposite, to spiritual elevation and excitement, to everything being wonderful and good.

Baal HaSulam writes about this in his article, “Concealment and Disclosure of the Face of the Creator.” When a person is found in concealment of the face, he sees the world as we all see it. But when he transfers to the revelation of the Creator, then he comprehends everything completely the opposite: Those people who seemed sick before, now seem to him to be completely healthy, the pauper becomes rich, the person who is despicable in the eyes of society transforms to be respected and loved by all.

And all this doesn’t depend on anything else other than our view of reality, for under the influence of the Upper Light the world is changed in a person’s eyes. And this is not a lie, it’s a completely different reality that we begin to feel as we transition from the negative to the positive, from seeing the world before the Light influences us and after this takes place.

It’s also the same now. It could be that before the assembly of friends that a person was not in the best state, it was difficult for him, unpleasant, and unhappy. But gradually, under the influence of this event, everything is changed. Spiritual elevation, strength, excitement, another view of the world, and the acquisition of confidence suddenly appear. Everything depends only on the influence of the Light that passes over each one of us through the group.

Therefore the main thing is to be included in a group, to lose one’s self, and to be found under its influence all the time. This is the only salvation and the only opportunity to hasten our development, to attain a state in which we begin to look at the world with different eyes, through another force, another program.

This different higher, spiritual, altruistic program is already found in us, but it needs to be activated. Sometimes it’s as if it is turned on a bit and we see another world. But in fact this is only a small illumination that flows from it. But when it will be completely turned on, we will see a bright, happy world in a state of complete correction.
From the Bulgaria Convention “Dawn Of A New World” Day One 11/1/13, Lesson 2

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