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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: A workshop is a powerful action that each time is felt in a new way, sometimes sharper, and other times muffled.

Answer: Of course, this is because during workshops a common desire is developed, a collective mind; a generalized image of man, Adam, is created. It happens gradually.

Everyone assembles a small organ within his group, which connects with other organs. Everyone in his group of 10 feels what he assembles, and when up to 30 or more groups are gathered here, we get a large number of desires. The time will come when all the groups will come together in a common desire.

What we have to learn now is to reach shared contact quickly, so that while sitting with 10 friends, we enter into contact within a second and stay in it for a long time without a break. This is the most important thing for us.
From the Virtual Lesson 12/30/12

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