A Constant Care

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What should we care more about: a friend’s physical health and his material well-being or the greatness of the goal?

Answer: We have to show a friend as much as possible what you think about his material and spiritual wellbeing. The problem is that we are in a particular state where our resources are limited: We are separated by distance; we are surrounded by a lot of outsiders, and we have different possibilities.

However, a friend should feel that you care about all his material and spiritual life. You are all ready to make him free from any concerns. Then, his egoism dies and there is a state when he feels as if he is on a hovercraft created by your care.
From the Virtual Lesson 12/30/12

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  1. The method by which the rebels were forced back into themselves in 1984 was by using their personal fears and survival instinct to get them to betray each other.

    As long as we fear for our survival, we will not be able to ascend. This is why a society that has some standard of food, water and shelter for all is necessary. Luxuries can be competed over, but the very base must be guaranteed! If this was done, all the true spirits would devote themselves to none else but the work, so long as they did not actually need to fight for the rest.

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