Dawn Of A New World

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: There is going to be a convention in Bulgaria this weekend (November 1-3), Dawn of a New World. What do you expect of this meeting?

Answer: First, the convention will be much bigger than we expected: We expected 200 people to participate but instead about 500 people have already registered and it isn’t final yet. Our friends from the former USSR, from Europe, from the Far East, and also many friends from Israel are coming. You can arrive before the convention starts. I intend to give my first lecture on Thursday evening.

It will be a very practical convention that is dedicated to the dissemination of integral education. We will all deal with questions of how to develop and how to implement the method of integral education and will also discuss current problems.

We are starting to establish a language of our own concepts that enables us to give more concrete explanations about the global crisis, about the disintegration of the institution of marriage, about problems in education, and other problems in every area of our lives. We will speak about how to approach ordinary people, how to talk to them in order to convey our thoughts, and will explain how they can be saved from the situation they are stuck in and cannot escape.

The deterioration and the downfall is everywhere and those who are at the top today will fall even lower than others. We are going to hear about new problems and decrees every day. The governments are not to blame. It’s simply the Lights that are revealed in which we will feel and discover an increasingly worse state.

There is only one way to avoid this and it is by connection. If we begin to connect, then we will feel better in the Light that today brings us the feeling of evil and darkness.

This is the transition from the path of suffering to the path of the Torah, which means from the path of “in its time” to the path of “I shall hasten it.” The tool for this change, for turning the darkness into Light, is changing me so that I will learn how to perceive it differently. I change myself and by that I also change the Light that reaches me. The Light is divided into two types: the Light that corrects and the Light that fills and we have to use it accordingly.

This is why the Torah is called the method of correction that includes the Light that corrects me and the Light that fills me. The two Lights together are called the Torah.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/29/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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