Unity Is The New Format Of Humanity

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is disseminating the wisdom to the masses?

Answer: When a student comes to me, he wants to feel good. But he understands that good for him means attaining the meaning of life, what is above life. He wants to rise to the level where he can attain this meaning in his heart and mind.

For seven billion people the meaning of life is to ascend to the level of wealth, respect, domination, health, and knowledge, everything that is a filling for their desires. They try to do this in every possible way: religious, scientific, philosophical, psychological, technological, financial, and economic, but it leads to nothing and doesn’t work. This is what they call a crisis.

For us, however, the crisis means birth. The word crisis has a double meaning: It means both a fall and the birth of something new, but the public doesn’t understand that.

After they totally despair of all their attempts, we can declare that we have the method for attaining what they want: health control, wealth, food, family, and love. They will have everything that they need in this life, an earthly Heaven. But in order to attain this they must unite.

They will begin to unite simply because they have no choice and they will do so gradually, in small circles without even noticing it. At the same time they will immediately begin to feel a positive outcome.

By uniting they will establish a totally different society, since the unity between them is the new format of humanity. A totally new civilization will emerge which is global, integral and analog. As a result of this unity, they will begin to feel the revelation of the integral force, which is what they seem to be creating.

In fact, they only yearn for the connection between them and this force is revealed as a result of their attempts to unite. It’s the same upper force that influences us, but they do it as a result of their own yearnings and we do it as a result of our yearnings. Therefore our collective work is more accurate and consists of ascents and descents, while for them there is no such thing, they simply advance.

They will feel a constant state of ascent, since they don’t have a left line or a right line. They will feel movements relative to this point, but they will constantly feel good. They will be drawn to us, since it will be clear to them that they will not be able to advance without regular workshops and the study of integral education, but by advancing, they will suddenly begin to see the light ahead instead of dark descents and destruction. This will continue until the end of correction.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 6/24/13

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