Spiritual Therapy For The Masses: Session One

Dr. Michael LaitmanToday we begin to spread the wisdom of Kabbalah to the masses so that people would understand that they need to “take after the individual,” or in other words, the Creator. Until now we have been doing dissemination for those who have the point in the heart. We appealed to the people whose spiritual desire has woken up. They felt an internal response and came to us, joining the groups and forming new ones. If the point in a person’s heart has “hatched” in one degree or another, he or she is with us.

As far as I see and feel, today there are millions of such points in the hearts. For instance, during my last visit in Toronto, while meeting with laymen, I would discover that they know about us and even watch our Internet TV.

Yet, they are still individuals and not the masses. Where the latter are concerned, there are several billion of them in the world. How do we reach out to them then? We can appeal only to their “stomach,” their material desire. We mustn’t talk to them about the Creator and the higher purpose. “Creator?” they’ll say. “Very good, give Him to us.”

Such is the desire of man, and he doesn’t understand anything else. So, we talk with the masses about the global crisis, education, health care, ecology, the causes of natural disasters, about why the world has become so unpredictable, and what will happen tomorrow. We appeal to their desires that demand to be sure and filled.

Moreover, we don’t discuss the wisdom of Kabbalah, but rather a system, an approach, a method, that can save us. What is it all about? It is about unity that brings people to harmony with nature. For us, nature and the Creator are one and the same, but the masses don’t wish to know this. For them, anything above this world is mysticism, and they need a rational approach.

Nature is global and integral, we say, and it has a program. It has been developing us until now and continues to do so further. In what direction? It leads us to becoming global and integral as it is. What must we do then? Only unite. We have to join together; all humanity must become one whole. Let’s get to work; let’s start uniting and merging into oneness.

At this point, we are arriving at the moment that Baal HaSulam describes when talking about Marx’ views and the failure of socialism in Russia. Having started to unite, we will feel that to actualize the plan, we also need the inner, primordial force of nature: the upper force. And then we will demand it to reveal to us our unity that we are unable to achieve.

For now, we talk to the masses about Kabbalah without using this word and limit ourselves to a scientific approach and the explanation of the world’s current predicament. We discuss the causes and effects of the present events so as to prepare the remedy for the illness in advance. It will be the first “dose,” the first remedy of the complex treatment, which at the initial stage will allow people to understand what to expect. With the help of this, they will begin to move forth, gaining new understanding and sensation every step of the way.

We bring the person to the goal in stages since to achieve it, he needs to do away with his present state. And this is hard.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/8/2011, “The Freedom”

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