Learning To See The Upper World

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In our group we have a situation whereby some want to disseminate but cannot, and others cannot and don’t want to. What is your advice for those who want to disseminate but in the meantime are unable to compel themselves to do so?

Answer: It is forbidden to compel anyone. But the people who want to disseminate must do so. Nobody has the right to restrain and obstruct someone; the instruction has already been given for everyone to be involved in dissemination. Whoever is still against it, let them be against it; that’s their own business. But in no way can someone obstruct the others; otherwise we need to expel him from the group.

If a person doesn’t want to disseminate, sits quietly, and in the meantime doesn’t feel the importance of it, although he sees that everyone is involved in this, while he is so special and has no desire for it, we let him stay. We hope that he will wise up and change. Either he will have to leave the group or with time, he will also begin to be involved in dissemination.

There are people who don’t know how to speak and also don’t need to; they will help in some other way. A group that doesn’t disseminate gradually becomes weaker and people leave it. They stop feeling the need; there is no new desire, no new blood. They don’t work with the public and have nothing to do; they turn sour: “How much can we learn the same things, how much can we speak about the same things?”

And the most important task is still ahead of us all: to organize workshops for the masses, whereby unification creates within them an absolutely new feeling, a new power, a new level of existence. They will begin to rise above themselves, completely new thoughts, a new outlook, a new—shared—mind, will appear in them.

All the upper worlds exist in our world, they are here now as well. But people don’t see them, they don’t have the “glasses,” this vision, they are not ready to discern at this frequency. They see everything in a particular range of frequency, but they don’t have the “equipment” for seeing the upper world.

We need to bring humanity to such a state. After all, after a number of workshops (even after the first workshop) they start feeling that something fills them from within. They begin to look at things in a completely different way, with another perspective of the world; they begin to think and speak differently, they feel as if they are floating on a cushion of air. After that it is possible to talk with them in another way.
From the Stockholm Convention “Joy In Unity” 8/31/13, Lesson 4

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  1. If you know how people and reincarnation works you also know that those who are ready for different levels of spirituality seek them out. There are many who are stuck in duality, the fruits of the tree. These people will either need an extream stimulus to push them toward seeking peace from somewhere inside rather then the temporary outside things of this world or they will pass away and reincarnate for further lessons. Even Lord jesus was unable to spur a mass enlightenment, for it will not happen. Those who will listen will hear and those who do not will not. I still regardless have the desire to help, but i do know thr innevitable outcome. Every age only produces a certain amount of spirits…enlightened? I hate that word since it often causes false ego. But it is what it is. The rest will always follow the norm, which is changing. In this age it is more integral to keep the teachings as it will soon become a rarity and those individuals spiritual by nature may incur wrath of one kind or another. Hopefully the stimulus soon to come may be enough to provide people with the impetus to search for another paradigm and meaning of their life.i am who i am so those who may hear me might have gained a slight impetus themselves to search.

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