As If I Hadn’t Done Anything…

Dr. Michael LaitmanEven though this is against my nature, I still try to build this chain: to give satisfaction to another in order to give satisfaction to the Creator. Which is to say: “From love for the other to love for the Creator” and “Israel, the Torah, and the Creator are one.” In a manner like this, I attract the Light that Reforms to me, power arrives from the Creator and gradually helps me to do this, gradually teaching me.

But a large amount of activities are included here, one after the other, for I am not prepared to work together with all of my desires to receive with my ego. It’s very great and still not familiar to me. I don’t even know one percent of it, not even a billionth of a percent!

And in order to help me to give pleasure to another in order to give satisfaction to the Creator and to transform the guest so that he is like the host, all of my work is divided into small portions that I can indeed do. But these portions, meaning these levels, are absolutely separate from each other. Every time that I finish some small portion for the purpose of bestowing to the Creator, even in an insignificant form, without feeling and understanding it, in spite of it all, I transform my state; I pass to a new desire that is always greater than the previous one. And therefore working with it is different both in quality and in quantity.

That state through which I passed yesterday seems to me completely insignificant compared to the new and stronger desire. It’s as if I hadn’t done anything. I examine this with my new desires and they are greater than the old ones. Therefore it’s not necessary to grasp this directly in a form like this and to be in despair that it’s as if you are returning to that state all the time and that it might be even worse. This is how it must be because you get a greater and greater desire all the time.

The main thing is that you are actually taking what is found outside of you: still, vegetative, animate, and human, what is given to you, as well as the teacher, the group, and the books, in order to be equipped with the power of the Creator, with His help, and you try to work with them as a conduit that connects them. That is how you build a system through which and within which you will give pleasure to the Creator.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/26/13

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