The Concern Of The Creator And The Efforts Of The Creature

Dr. Michael LaitmanIt is written that knowing the worlds, that is, the Creator, is known to the degree of devotion to Him in the heart of the person to get closer to Him, the characteristic of love and bestowal, and this yearning can stop at any moment. Therefore, the Creator cannot illuminate a person like this through the upper Light because if the state of the person changes, the Light will transform into an even greater darkness, into Klipa, into corrupted desires that can throw him many incarnations backward.

And only if there is complete certainty (the calculation is done by the system and is not by us), that a person will be given the power of bestowal and will use it in the right form, will he be given this.

Therefore, the Creator increases the excitement that is the beginning of the connection with Him. However, this is very unpleasant, for it is built upon rejection. You see, the Creator shows a person where he must make an effort in order to complete the picture of adherence with Him. It is as if they agitate the person and say to him, “These and the corrections you must make,” and the person feels acute pain, rejection, powerlessness, and disappointment in this place.

This happens according to “The Creator is your shadow.” If the person hears and understands this, he will not fall due to the frustration, resentment, and neglect that he seems to feel and he will not stop his work because of the suffering, for in this, he sees that the Creator yearns for him.

The Creator shows what else the person needs to do in order for the contact between them to be realized. The person sees this not as rejection, but as a hint that if he corrects this, the Creator will embrace him, and when the Creator allows a person to feel negative emotions, he sees this not as his own pain, even though he is in pain, but as the pain of the Creator—how much the Creator suffers because the person has not yet corrected himself and cannot adhere to Him. This is called the “sorrow of the Shechina.

Everything can be solved with a very simple direction: towards unity. Unification is the unique and correct solution to all the problems from the first correction to the last correction, and if something is not okay, not appropriate, it is up to us to sit in a circle and discuss it immediately, to clarify it in a group of ten where each one adds to the words of the other. No one struggles with anyone. Each is nullified toward the other and only adds to his words.
From the St. Petersburg Convention “Day Three” 7/14/13, Lesson 6

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