Soft Leaps For Human Evolution

Dr. Michael LaitmanNature never changes, rather our perception of nature changes the extent of its disclosure. Man is changing, becoming more intelligent, more powerful, and therefore he investigates nature more and more deeply. Nature itself is not changed, rather the person is the one who is changed and discovers in it new phenomena, new laws, characteristics, and connections.

Nothing is changed in reality; all the changes take place only in relation to us. The person doesn’t do anything by himself at all. Either they manage him in an absolute manner from above, without any participation from his side, or they manage him with his participation. But through this participation he can only hasten development.

And in that I hasten my personal development, with this I influence the whole world since I become an integral part of a large integral system. Therefore all its other parts also are changed together with me.

Suppose that now I advanced within a month what I  needed to advance over the course of a hundred years (with a speed like this we move forward), but can the rest of the world remain in place together with this? We draw the entire world after us and hasten its development. Likewise the picture is changed: our way of life, the way of advancement. We move rapidly, well, easily, softly instead of shaking with hard bumps in a cart filled with blows, bruises, problems, and sufferings like those that followed us throughout the entire exile.

It all depends on us! And this says that Israel (“Yashar-El” directly to the Creator) hastens the times. The state of the completion of correction is rigidly determined, it is a law. But all the rest of the states, although they come according to that same law of development, the person himself determines their speed, manner, and how he feels them. We need to believe that this is how it is at every point on the way, along with the fact that everything is determined by the Creator and that “There is none else besides Him”.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/16/13, The Book of Zohar – Introduction

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