The Purpose Of Creation, In Brief

Dr. Michael LaitmanAlthough we exist in the space of the world of Infinity, we are unable to perceive anything of it except for a tiny black point that is unaware even of itself. This is how the Creator made us. And then He started to restrict Himself. As He restricts Himself, we manifest more and more.

The Creator conceals Himself from 100 to zero percent, forming the worlds of Adam Kadmon, Atzilut, Beria, Yetzira, and Assiya, the 125 degrees of restriction, the Creator’s concealment. To this extent, the creature reveals itself and its world more and more, from zero to 100 percent, and this constitutes the degrees of the creature by which it manifests more and more, until it finds itself in our world. Meanwhile, the Creator is concealed.

Now, we have to perform the correction. I have to gradually, step by step, reveal the Creator, meaning to discover Him within myself so as to not be opposite to Him, so that there would be no barrier separating us, so that I would encompass all of His qualities until they enter me, degree after degree.

We can depict it differently: I absorb into myself the properties of the Creator, and they enter inside my point, my Reshimo (informational gene), more and more.

Most important is to adhere to precise definitions. We exist in that same space, in that same place, in the same conditions. From the part of the Creator, the upper Light, nothing changes. Everything depends only on how we incorporate into ourselves His qualities—the qualities of love and bestowal, of expansion and unlimited connection, so that all the properties called love and bestowal that constitute the nature of Light enter us. Then we will sense the state that we truly exist in.

We can’t change anything: We exist in that same place, among the same forces. There is a program that advances us towards development under the influence of great pressures we feel from outside and inside. But we can add to it our own development, to decide that we desire it, and then to develop quickly, nicely, and with joy. This is the entire difference.

Nobody had asked us either in the beginning or in the end of the process, nobody is taking us into consideration—except for that mechanical force that develops us. Indeed, the Creator has no feelings like ours, as it is said: “The law is given and cannot be transgressed.” But we, as sensual and fine creatures, can use this law effectively for it help us to develop quickly, nicely, and easily.

Hence, all we do is reveal a perfect reality—the world of Infinity, the Creator, and it is happening namely in our generation.
From the 4th Lesson, Kabbalah Convention in Toronto, 9/16/2011

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