Neither Higher Nor Lower, But Equal With Everyone

Dr. Michael LaitmanMost of all, we are misled and bribed in our work by pride, which makes us think, “I will be in charge, I will control everything.” This appears in the most primitive form, the way it happens in the regular world when a person doesn’t give others opportunities, tries to circumvent them, and is not ready to go along together with them as equals.

Yet we need open relationships where I don’t try to be higher or lower than others. Being lower than others is not good either because it does not let you be friends. And naturally, being higher also doesn’t let you be friends.

It is necessary to be absolutely equal—meaning to stop feeling yourself! I feel myself only when I am higher or lower than others, but when I’m equal to them, I do not feel myself, but only a connection among all of us, floating together with its flow.

This is the feeling we should constantly have. Sometimes it becomes revealed to us during conventions, different gatherings, and special events. However, we have to maintain it all the time because this feeling of the connection between us is what will turn into the Light and the revelation of the Creator.

For now it is just a feeling of us being connected and bonded. It is just the construction of the vessel. But eventually, this vessel will reach the state of bestowal and then we’ll feel the Light inside of it.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/20/11, Shamati

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  1. I feel myself when I want to help others and I can see what damages the unified whole, and then I try to prevent it from happening by putting myself in the other person’s shoes and putting them before myself. But I think we have to make a connection there that we think of ourselves when we see that others are like us. And need just as much care as we would give ourselves.

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