Forty Levels In Two Weeks Not In Forty Years

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: You say that we can and are ready to exit Egypt. Help us get rid of everything and take us across this narrow bridge so that we will follow you like a guide.

Answer: Every teacher of the spiritual work is like Moses (the name stems from the root limshoch – “to draw out” in Hebrew), and the whole Torah—starting from Adam until Egypt and especially from the giving of the Torah until the stage of entering the Land of Israel—describes the wanderings in the desert.

The wanderings in the desert represent a state when no one sees anything, when no one knows or understands anything, but everyone follows the leader. The leader is sure of himself, but he has problems with the Creator. Sometimes he carries out His orders and sometimes not. Sometimes he understands them correctly and sometimes not. The people also don’t always listen to their leader, and sometimes believe him and sometimes not. Sometimes they shout at Moses and sometimes at the Creator, and sometimes at both, and so we see how they carry on these interesting mutual relationships for forty years.

I must say that the leader shouldn’t be envied. What can he do? Nothing. Whatever he does, he tries to perform as loyally as he can, in bestowal, and tries to do everything in his power. Sometimes he is ready to pray for everyone and ask the Creator to have mercy on them.

However, there is nowhere to run. They must go through all the forty levels (forty years of wanderings in the desert), since forty levels is the distance from Malchut to Bina. This lasts until the entire generation that came out of Egypt dies, and only the next generation, their descendants, enter the land of Israel.

This means that all the desires that once were under the domination of the ego must die, and new desires that already are adapted to working in order to bestow must replace them. Until this happens, there is nowhere to run. Theoretically, we can go through this in two weeks, although they went through it in forty years.

I told you before the convention that you are preparing yourselves and that you are coming to the convention to continue the preparation, not to look at me. This means that everything depends on the preparation and the connection between you. I only teach you and cannot do anything—nothing!

Everything depends on the connection and the unity between you, the internal heart connection that is aimed correctly so you are also waiting for the bestowal of the Light like manna from Heaven. The Light will correct, change, and connect you to one another. That is the main thing! It is your yearning for one another and the yearning of all of you together upward.

You must exert yourselves a bit more, but it is with this intention: We, all of us together, are waiting for the Creator Who will correct us and rejoice at that.
From the St. Petersburg Convention “Day Three” 7/14/13, Lesson 5

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