The Creator’s Loudspeaker

Dr. Michael LaitmanYou don’t know the extent to which we are all governed from Above. The teacher here is like a loudspeaker, a part of the upper system, which passes knowledge to you, and not more than that. You don’t thank the speakers for telling you nice things, do you? That’s how you should relate to the teacher. You should respect the device through which you receive a broadcast from Above, but that’s it.

I want to caution you because that is the difference between blind worship and the truth. I feel more than others the extent to which I’m governed from Above, and nothing that I have is my own. I’m being absolutely sincere: I really only fulfill the commands from Above. Man’s sole work is to be governed. And the greater he is, the more he is governed. It is called to be the “slave of God,” which is the degree of Moses.

After all, do not forget that we should try to be sensitive to what the Creator is telling us, telling within us. And we should proceed accordingly. I feel it is drawing near. And then we will ascend to the degree of Bina; we will be able to hear what He is saying, which is already the degree of Bina. And later we will gain “vision.”

So let’s try not to be dependent on the teacher for he is limited and transient. Rather, let us all become a vessel (Kli), which, upon uniting, will be able to see and react to what the Creator says to it. That is most important. That hearing, that feeling, is called “life.”
From the talk during the meal before the Convention at the Arava Desert, 11/18/2011

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