“False Memories Planted In Brain”

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from The Sydney Morning Herald): “Not only are false, or mistaken, memories common in normal life, but researchers have found it relatively easy to generate false memories of words and images in human subjects. …

“Now scientists at the Riken-MIT Centre for Neural Circuit Genetics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology say they have created a false memory in a mouse, providing detailed clues to how such memories may form in human brains.

“Steve Ramirez, Xu Liu and other scientists, led by Susumu Tonegawa, reported on Thursday in the journal Science that they caused mice to remember being shocked in one location, when in reality the electric shock was delivered in a completely different location.

“At this level of brain activity, he said, ‘the difference between a mouse and a human is quite small.’ The part of the brain in which the memories formed is an area of the hippocampus called the dentate gyrus, which is similar in mice and humans.

“Tonegawa said that, because the mechanisms of memory formation are almost certainly similar in mice and humans, part of the importance of the research was ‘to make people realise even more than before how unreliable human memory is,’ particularly in criminal cases when so much is at stake.”

My Comment: Everything can be modeled in a person, everything that happens in our world, except spiritual experience, because it is not recorded in the brain, mind, desire, and thoughts to “receive,” but in the property to “bestow”—in the soul.

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