With The Help Of The Simple Psychology Of Egoism

Dr. Michael LaitmanIt is necessary to reach the point when all your life is in the friends, together with them in collective unity where there is no difference between us. Our bodies disappear, and there is only the desire that feels the pleasure from connection and is not torn apart. All the parts not only want to unite but have already adhered to each other and dissolved in general unity, having turned into completely uniform, homogeneous material.

All our features and differences disappear in it because we complete each other so much that we turn into one unit, so much so that I do not care whose hands these are, whose feet, whose brain, whose back. Everything is collective as the image of one person. We begin to feel force within this unity that revives this general image that we have built, which is called the human being, Adam. This animating force is called the Creator.

We need to strive to this and live in it all the time. Every moment we need to seek how to strengthen this form where we come to love the Creator through the love of friends. If, for a moment, I leave this search and do not reinforce this state, I fall immediately. I will not feel this right away, but there is no doubt that I fell. It is possible to move only in one direction or another. There are no fixed states in spirituality. Do not think that you can stop and rest. Whether you want it or not in the spiritual world, it is necessary to feel where you are heading every second: to unity together with everyone or in the opposite direction. It is either one or the other.

Trembling fear is required here, which is the First Commandment, and without which you cannot even hope to advance a bit. If some material goal in this world requires me to change direction—to think about the group, the connection to the Creator to help us carry out this material task—then it already is good because it changes my direction.

At least, I am not directed toward a personal interest but at something collective, together with everyone. This already forces us to remember that we need the Creator because without Him, we will not succeed.

If this does not exist, then stronger blows must be sent to us so that we feel our helplessness, the same as the entire world, and we are compelled to recall that only the Creator can help us. No one else can. The main thing is to change direction. As soon as we do this and begin to work in the correct direction of unity, clarifying what and why we need this connection, we immediately change the goal and means.

First, we needed the Creator to succeed in achieving various external goals, and now we understand that external goals were purposefully placed in front of us in order to frighten us and force us to recall the Creator. Thus, we are awakened on the basis of a simple psychological egoism.

For the time being, it is a purely selfish approach, but it teaches us how not to exit “holiness.” After all, there is holiness even in this connection.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/18/13, Writings of Rabash

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