The Simple And Difficult Path

Dr. Michael LaitmanRamchal “Da’at Tevunot (Knowing the Reasons)”: The reality of man is built with an infinitely profound wisdom. The Creator has made many great creatures and all of them perform their functions. Nothing is in vain and everything is based on a single foundation: on what the Creator desires from man’s work, that he corrects all the deficiencies of creation and raises himself degree after degree until he cleaves to the holiness of the Creator. And everything has to endure great transformations to achieve universal perfection.

The purpose of creation is achieved through a very long, deep, and intricate process, not simple or easy, and it depends upon how the person manages to organize support for recognizing the goal for himself.

If he joins a group, becomes included in it, if he bows his head, then he hears the message that comes from the friends and tries to connect with them and the teacher, and he moves forward. Until he completes all these corrections, he obviously will not reach the purpose of creation.

This goal is achieved on all 125 degrees of advancement. Each of them contains all the really important ones and those who do good, and the only difference is to what extent a person perceives it.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/3/13, “There’s None Else Besides Him”

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