Inversion That Changes The Perception Of The World

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can we advance spiritually if we constantly have material pressure and the pressure of a consumer society?

Answer: Who gives you this? It is the upper force, the unified force of nature that controls everything and fills in all the twists and turns in our common destiny.

There are moments when you forget about this and try to blame someone else instead of the Creator. Society is not to blame. He alone is to blame. However, how can we blame Him? How can the upper force that is in a state of absolute love and bestowal be bad? The fact is that you perceive it in this way because your egoistic intention inverts it. So, you perceive the entire surrounding world as bad.

Actually, the entire world around us is infinite kindness and love. Change your intention and there will be no problems in anything.

On the other hand, we must give thanks for the problems that we have because they show you precisely what you need to change.
From the Convention in St. Petersburg 7/11/13, “Preparatory Lesson”

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  1. It’s all from him. Ages change. Paths change. Spirituality changes but eternal truths remain the same. In this age it is unnecessary to isolate in a cave for thirty years meditating. That was the last age. In this age where most people work and have these pressures why would one do that? One learns these truths and feels them so that one day they may help and teach another. How can you teach another in modern day life if you run from that experience nyou must be able to relate through actual experience. Materials aren’t bad, the attachment to them are. One can run to a cave if one desires to break the initial attachment. But it is no longer required for awakening and peace. Live in life, through life and become your path.

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