Both With A Line And Also With Circles

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Today virtually everything is deteriorating back towards rigid totalitarian management. Such companies actually demonstrate maximum efficiency and minimal conflicts within the collective. Can the integral method change the management structure of companies?

Answer: It is impossible to take only one kind of structure, because the integral system is circular, analog. It is possible only in a collective in which all of the people are found on the same level and work cooperatively.

In a company or in a factory there must be a hierarchy that has the right to command all the links, but at each level the people need to be organized in integral circles.

Therefore one doesn’t contradict the other. Rather large collectives like these must be built with both a line and with circles.

Together with this, in every circumstance control systems will give instructions because people who have passed through this unique learning and are working there know, understand, and think about everything, and they are in charge because they have wisdom, willpower, desire, and an ability to take responsibility on themselves.

For the rest of the people, no; they are experts in some particular area of their own. In order to feel themselves as belonging to the level of higher knowledge of nature, they pass through integral training, and this makes them able to join together for cooperative work and not to put spokes in each other’s wheels.

In collectives like these, productivity rises, they begin to be able to understand each other from half a word, and the probability of error on a particular project diminishes to a minimum because they all live for the sake of one goal.
From KabTV’s “Through Time” 3/20/13

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