Humanity = 1

Humanity = 1Question: Humanity is an immense network in which humans are somehow connected with each other. If a person studies the method of integral education correctly and works within circles, this will become his lifestyle. How will these integral circles transform into a global network?

Answer: This new social consciousness will begin to be revealed through all the mass media and simply even from hearsay: in factories, in schools, and so forth. The system itself will begin to be discovered here and there from the general connection within society, just like mushrooms appear out of the ground after the rain.

However, for the time being I cannot imagine how this will be locked into one single network. I have gotten used to speaking from practical experience. We haven’t gotten a ready formula yet. Anyway, we will need to unite the groups of ten people into groups of a hundred people, the groups of a hundred people into groups of thousands, and so forth. We will need to work on the connection between them, until the entire group of ten is like one person. And after this, let’s say ten groups of ten will connect into hundreds, and hundreds will connect into thousands, and so forth. Anyway, there must be unifying actions.

This is how I see this process because it is impossible to make some small part of the total integral system if it is not a group of ten. And connection between the groups of ten must be done according to the same method, but in spite of it all, this already will be on another level.

When the groups of ten begin to be connected with each other, there will be a new qualitative result, and the hundreds is a new result that is even more qualitative, and so on, to the ideal state when all of humanity becomes integral, which is to say equal to the potential number one.
From KabTV’s “The Wisdom of the Crowd” 5/6/13

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