EU Members Will Lose Sovereignty

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Angela Merkel, German chancellor): “Countries in the eurozone must accept that Europe “has the last word” and need to work together more closely if the continent is to avoid going into decline, German chancellor Angela Merkel has warned.

“In the latest signal that Germany backs stricter Europe-wide controls over national budgets, the chancellor said that eurozone members had to be prepared to surrender authority to European institutions.

“Speaking at an event hosted by Deutsche Bank in Berlin alongside Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk, Mrs Merkel said: ‘We seem to find common solutions when we are staring over the abyss. But as soon as the pressure eases, people say they want to go their own way.’

“’We need to be ready to accept that Europe has the last word in certain areas. Otherwise we won’t be able to continue to build Europe.’

“She said: ‘We don’t always need to give up national practices, but we need to be compatible. It is chaos right now. We need to be prepared to break with the past in order to leap forward. I’m ready to do this.”

My Comment: The “patching” of the union is starting, and only in making macroeconomic decisions and resolving acute crises. But this is the beginning, and then the crisis will point to the need for further unification. This is how the EU elite will learn, like stubborn children, although common sense says that the union should begin with the strengthening of its foundation: a united culture and a united effort towards good and equal unification of nations.

This is achieved by gradual integral education and upbringing. Nature demands us to change precisely our egoistic nature, requires us to become its integral part and resemble it. The crisis is no more than the external manifestation of our egoistic relationships.

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  1. Very stubborn Children! But in a sense it is necessary to protect the budding of the next generation. That is to say the “crisis” Is serving as the fertilizer, to cement the idea of unity and mutual integration of the next generation.

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