Our Number One Killer Is Our Laziness

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, Shamati, Article 35, “Concerning the Vitality of Kedusha“: Hence, it is a correction that each time one extends something and has a descent, he must begin anew, meaning new scrutinies. And what one had from the past has fallen into the Sitra Achra, and she holds it in her authority as a deposit. Afterwards one receives everything that she had received from him this whole time.

Thus we can see that everything that happens is in our favor. Thanks to the desires that the Creator has shattered and thrown into the sea of the impure forces (Sitra Achra), to the other side, into egoistic desire to enjoy, we have a chance to advance towards Holiness, towards desires to bestow. These desires to receive force us to draw more and more Light.

At the moment we draw a little Light and the desires of the Sitra Achra immediately swallow it. This happens over and over again until the measure is filled, and then the ego “vomits” everything it has swallowed, and we get back all the Light that we have managed to draw for a while but were unable to keep. Thus the Sitra Achra helps a person accumulate his exertion, collect all the tiny Lights, and then give it back to him as one full measure that enables him to attain the spiritual level.

This is why we create the “holy animals” from the descents, from the states we usually don’t want and don’t like. But we have to understand how grateful we have to be for all the mechanisms in the system of the upper Providence and especially for the system of the forces of impurity, which rules over us during the whole period of preparation, until we enter the authority of Holiness, of the desire to bestow.

As long as the force of impurity dominates us, it fulfills its role with utmost dedication, which is even greater than the dedication of the system of Holiness. After all, the Sitra Achra must work in the opposite manner from the Creator, in a form opposite to Him. It’s a special “angel,” a unique system, which follows the Creator’s command, His desire, and performs actions that are opposite to Holiness according to a decree from Above.

A similar story is told in one of Baal HaSulam’s letters: A king appoints different villains to rule over his subject whom he has decided to raise to the rank of the first minister. In order to do so, the king sends his servants to him dressed as criminals and murderers, and thanks to the struggle with them the loyal slave grows more and more.

All the “villains” who had to fight him are fulfilling their job with all the viciousness and the creative cunningness only because it is the king’s order and not because it’s their own will. The force of impurity, our internal systems that seem so horrible to us, works in the exact same way.

All the crimes that take place in the world, the murders and the falls, seem to contradict the Creator’s desire and we have to hate them. However, we should understand that there is no evil—there are no criminals in the King’s palace and it’s all His systems that operate from two directions: from the good side and from the bad side. We should only hate our own laziness because we cannot fulfill our free will in choosing our environment, the group, the only place where we are free.

We shouldn’t complain about any event in our life, except for one: our inability to hurry at the right time, to use the environment and with its help to advance and to hasten (sanctify) time.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/29/13

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