The Main Thing Is To Hasten Time

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe have to establish systems that constantly waken the group. If it says that the difference between a person who advances in his own pace and a person who advances like a beast that is forced from the outside is in the fact that a person hastens the pace of his advancement, (a couple of pulses every moment that he processes to the extent that he advances, the number of steps that he makes a minute), then we only have to spur ourselves in every possible way.

Rabash says that if someone shouts that your house is on fire, you won’t sit still and nod your head lethargically, you won’t continue your nap a couple of minutes longer, you will jump up and run in order to save yourself.

This situation doesn’t seem real to us, of course. Why? Because it depends on the environment. If the environment is calm, then even if I want to wake up, I come here and fall asleep. What can I do? I can’t resist this atmosphere.

So spurring a person totally depends on the environment. If a person is not forced, he will advance the usual way, “in its time.” All our correction is in hastening time. The states are predetermined for each one and cannot be changed. The change takes place thanks to a person’s preparation. Every state is a revelation of the Reshimot (reminiscences). If the Reshimo is revealed and I want to fulfill it and turn it into a certain level, I have to be prepared for it. If I am not prepared, the Reshimo comes and only lowers me and draws me further away. So the next time I will have to make two steps, and the time after that three steps, and thus I find myself each time further away and in greater delay.

This applies to the whole world, since there is no account with other people. If they haven’t received an awakening to spirituality, the “point in the heart,” the ability to hasten their development, how can they respond; what should they be awakened for? This is why the general illumination influences them—the crisis appears and there are different problems and troubles in every nation and in every part of humanity, just like in every individual’s private life. This, however, isn’t called “Divine Providence.” Divine Providence is when there is a relationship between a person and the Creator.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/12/12, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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