Man Is More Dangerous Than An Animal

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: A person who uses and suppresses the other person is not in balance with nature. But isn’t it natural for him because it is his nature?

Answer: It is natural if you use something only for your biological needs, within the limits of your beastly egoism, as the wolf eats the lamb in order to live and nothing more.

But the human being is willing to enslave all the people on earth. And this is unnatural because, according to his biological potential development, he is just an animal, and his human part he should use on a completely different level.

In his physical (animal) body, a person has to receive a certain amount of energy. Every animal can use the environment for this. It is located in a particular biological niche, which is its home—where it eats, reproduces, and so on. This is the way any biological creature exists, from a small insect to elephants.

That is why our protein state needs energy and for this purpose you can use the environment like animals that attack each other, kill, and eat within this framework. In this regard, people in the past were the same as animals.

But besides attacking, animals have a special way of protection. If for example, tigers are fighting with each other, they do not harm each other but just threaten, determining who is stronger, and the weaker one obeys and leaves. It happens to all kinds of animals: No one ever harms the other because it does not eat its own species.

However, there are cannibals among human beings. Animals do not exhibit this; they never use their own kind as food, but feed in a certain pattern: They kill and eat only certain kind of animals and only in the quantities necessary to replenish life energy. If a lion lies with a full belly, you can walk next to him; he will not even look at you.

The human being cannot get enough. His egoism, besides the animal type, is also human. And because of this additional human egoism he is willing to subjugate the entire world.

In the past, egoism was on a simple level. Then, throughout the millennia, it has developed in us more and more, and lately it has soared exponentially. Now, it begins to become round and changes from individual to integral, to global.
From KabTV’s “The Medicine of the Future” 4/7/13

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