A Blister On The Beautiful Face Of Creation

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Can an evil thought be equated to slander?

Answer: Humanity is like a malignant tumor inside nature’s healthy body. The body consists of the still, vegetative, and animate levels of this world, which are in complete harmony with general nature, and under its control that leaves no room for freedom of choice. That’s why these levels cannot be held liable for anything at all since they fully obey natural instincts.

Egoistic nature acts within human beings and motivates them. This makes us different from other beings since we have a tendency to harm others. There is no other creature in this world (a stone, a plant, or an animal) that harms others except humans. People enjoy when others feel bad. This is what is called the human evil.

We don’t kill each other for the sake of food or to avoid dying of hunger. If that were the case, we wouldn’t touch others after satisfying our appetite, as animals do. Human beings want to “swallow” the entire world even after they receive everything they need, and that’s only because they don’t want others to have it.

A desire to harm our neighbors, take advantage of them, and enjoy somebody else’s troubles is called the evil of egoism, which we have to correct. Because of this quality, we act as a foreign body and “infiltrate” the general picture of all of nature, including the higher worlds.

Being a cancerous tumor that strives to ingest everything around pertains solely to this material world and exquisitely to humans. As a result, humanity kills itself because it destroys the environment that becomes unable to feed it any longer. This is how a cancerous tumor behaves in a human body: It devours everything around it. When there is nothing left, the body dies and the tumor dies together with it. Nowadays, we see that humanity behaves the same way and approaches a lethal finale at a tremendous speed.

In order to cure the disease, we have to understand how to approach this phenomenon. We can perform mechanical and physical actions, or we can act at the level of desires and thoughts. We can perform mechanical actions with our bodies even without the desire or much thought. Corporeal bodies are capable of moving either because of persuasion or under outside pressure.

Besides, we have an ability to correct the connection between us by following our desire, meaning from the heart that embodies our feelings. Moreover, we can add our thought, plan, and intention, that is, our reason.

One has only three opportunities to correct one’s attitude to the environment: an action, a desire, and a thought. Out of these three ways, the most effective and powerful is a thought. Thoughts influence our desires that in their turn impact our bodies.

However, there is a different way to activate ourselves, as it is said: “Hearts (desires) follow the actions.” Desires change thoughts. This flexible remedy can be used in various ways.

Connection among people defines the shape of the universe. Corrupt connection is called slander. It stands for a bad attitude to others and an unwillingness to maintain healthy connections and mutual communication, in similarity to organs of a single body, which help each other and make the body healthy. All parameters, such as blood pressure, temperature, fluids, and so on, everything should be in balance. If some bodily organs do not maintain correct interaction with others, it is immediately seen in medical tests.

Everything is built accordingly: ecology, politics, finances, and human relationships. Divorces, depressions, and drugs are the consequences of the imbalance in the system of our connection. It’s not terrible if one person is spoiled—the major thing is a corrupt connection between us. It is the real reason for all our problems. And an incorrect connection is called slander.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/19/13, Writings of Rabash

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