When The Light Meets The Reshimot

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Sometimes I am amazed by my own thoughts, where do they come from?

Answer: From the Creator.

Question: But when I think about my thoughts, it also comes from Him. So where am I actually?

Answer: I have to attribute everything to Him, all to one source, to the Light that pours from Above and evokes the Reshimot below. The meeting between the Light and the Reshimot is what created the reality I am in. From this develops my sense of reality.

There are five levels of development in me and I want to attain my source, my Creator, which means that I have reached the fifth level. Then I want to attain what I am made of: the “Light” and the Reshimot.

In other words I ask about the meaning of life: Where does life come from? What for and how?

Usually this question comes as a result of unpleasant feelings, when I feel bad. In that case Kabbalists tell us that a person cannot understand and do anything by himself. First I have to gather and to build a system in which I will operate—both from the perspective of the Reshimot and from the perspective of the Light.

In this system, there is me and the other, and this allows me to evoke the Reshimot and the Light in him. Then I begin to resemble the Creator, as it says, “We shall know You from Your actions.”

When The Light Meets The Reshimot
Such a system is called a “group“.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/1/13, “The Peace”

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