The Day Of Merging With The Creator

Dr. Michael LaitmanSaturday (Shabbat) is a special day that signifies an association of Zeir Anpin (the sun) and Malchut (the Earth). Saturday is about connection between the Earth and the sun that happens when the sun completely fulfills the Earth at the end of a six-day cycle.

The moon also participates in the connection between them because the sun and the moon, the so-called “two great heavenly bodies,” are equally important, although the moon shines by reflected sunlight. Between them there is the Earth that covers the moon from the sun and so we see the phases of the moon that represent the relationship between the moon and the Earth, and the sun reflects the magnitude of their pairing and connection.

“Six days” stand for the pairing of Zeir Anpin and Malchut. When Malchut, the Earth, reaches a state of a complete saturation, then on the seventh day it rests. It applies to Malchut, the Earth, to all human beings and even to animals, to the entire world.

But this doesn’t mean that a person should rest because Saturday is the most intense time in our spiritual work. After six days of Malchut’s correction (during which she tries to become similar to Zeir Anpin) they unite, merge, and couple. “Saturday” denotes love and connection, which is described in the “Song of Songs,” a complete merging of the creation with the Creator.

“Six days of work” stand for six days of “pumping” and preparation for merging. Each of us rotates in phases of their own as the sun and the moon: We get up in the morning and go to bed in the evening. On the seventh day, we are ready to merge since the seventh stage is about love; it’s the stage of a complete correction for the sake of achieving similarity with the Creator.

So, the first five days of the week are working days; the sixth day is a combination of the first five days together into one, and the seventh day finalizes the entire work and demonstrates its result, completely a non-working day.

As all of this comes only from a comparison between the right and the left lines, the seventh day was immediately accepted by Abraham’s group (the Jewish people) as a day of rest. Other nations followed this example and also established days off for themselves; that was done through their religions, which derived from Kabbalah.

Taking into consideration that Saturday is affiliated with the middle line, Muslims (the right line) picked up the sixth day of the week as their day off, whereas Christians (the left line) chose to have a day off on the first day of the week. This discrepancy will stay intact until all of them meet and unite in the middle line. If it doesn’t happen, we won’t attain the Creator. This explains that the purpose of all religions is to make people realize that they have to rise above these deviations and connect in one single point that has nothing to do with religions at all, but rather with Kabbalah.
From KabTV’s “The Mysteries of the Eternal Book” 2/4/13

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