Straight Are The Ways Of The Righteous

Dr. Michael LaitmanRabash, “The Torah is One Holy Name”: Therefore, when the evil inclination brings a person alien thoughts, then it is the right time to take these thoughts and to raise them “above reason.”

And a person can do that regarding anything his heart desires, and he should not say that now he is repulsed by the work, but rather that he was given desires and thoughts from Above, so that he will be able to bring them into Holiness. So he is actually being brought closer from Above, and therefore he was sent this kind of work.

And about this it was said: “Straight are the ways of the Lord, the righteous will follow them and the sinners will fail in them,” which means that if a person is rewarded, he can ascend by that and if he isn’t (rewarded), he descends by that spiritually.

It turns out that there isn’t a moment in our lives when the Light is not revealed to us by revealing an additional thickness in us in different manners. It summons in us different feelings and thoughts that are evoked in the mind and heart, and we have to respond.

This additional desire can lead to a bad mood or to an egoistic ascent; it can lead to thoughts that are closer to spirituality or further away from it, to criticism of the environment, and to everything that is related to the spiritual path. All this happens, of course, only by the revelation of the new Reshimot (spiritual genes). If a person is in the right environment and adhered to the teacher, the books and the group, to all the efforts that stabilize his path, then he will not forget this. Then he will not miss any opportunity that is given to him and will constantly respond.

The response itself may seem to be good and successful or not very good and successful; it makes no difference. What’s important is that he fulfills the current moment, the given Reshimo and moves on.

But if a person doesn’t hold on to the teacher, the Torah, and the group, then he has no chance to fulfill that moment, and so life passes without a purpose. He thinks that he is advancing, but in fact he is simply accumulating wisdom. This means that he doesn’t advance in fulfilling the new Reshimot but only in developing his egoistic mind. We have to be very careful of that since a person cannot see the exact border between advancing in fulfilling the new Reshimot and the development of his egoistic mind.

Therefore, it says, “Straight are the ways of the Lord.” If a person relates to this correctly, then he will go through them like a “righteous.” If he doesn’t, then he will descend and leave the spiritual path. The main thing is to check whether you can attribute every moment to the fulfillment of the goal, which means to attain the attribute of bestowal above reason.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/28/13

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