Not To Live In A Lie

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Writings of Rabash, Vol 1, Article 19, “The Matter of Joy”: And now he doesn’t want from the Creator that He will give him something. So he’s not asking something from the Creator. And all his aim now is that he only wants to give thanks to the Creator. It is found that he has now adhesion with the Creator because he is occupied with bestowal. So by this, from within the adhesion, the state of joy and completion is attracted to him from the force that he is now in adhesion with the whole.

But how is it possible to adhere in completeness. I feel inside myself total deficiencies and there is no adhesion in the whole. I would be willing to adhere to the whole like a baby that adheres to his mother, but what is revealed to me is an opposite picture, completely not whole: lack in everything, there is nothing, the “left line” in its most extreme form. And then “above my reason,” I adhere to the Creator. This is called “Dvekut – adhesion” to the whole. In spite of this full and complete opposite in my mind and heart, I rise to completion, and in the equivalence, I reveal Him.

The feeling of completion can ride only on the feeling of lack of completion. It cannot be one without the other. Simply, these two extreme things are not revealed in me together, rather intermittently: once night and once day, once evening, and once morning… This is how I roll between them until all these things are connected to one state in which all the components are supporting each other: “And there is no difference between “night” and “day” and “darkness will illuminate like light” and then it will be for me a day that is all good, “24 hours” of completion.

Question: But what completion is there if inside of me there is a war?

Answer: On the contrary, I don’t feel the war, rather pleasure, because only in this form do I rise above doubts and find myself in bestowal. Precisely this ascent above my inner resistance, above the collision within me, is proving that I live in the truth and not in a lie.

Question: What are the signs of this wholeness?

Answer: That I don’t need anything except this state. In my vessels dwells TzimTzum Aleph (the first restriction) and total emptiness, darkness, like a “black hole,” and above it, I assemble and stabilize wholeness where the light is pouring, where all of me is found in bestowal.

This way all my darkness, all my “black hole,” if I use it correctly by rising above it, suddenly becomes a source of Light of Infinity.

I necessarily need this dipole of two opposites of infinite minus and infinite plus. Only in this condition am I certain that I hold to the truth. Conversely, if the plus is not riding above the minus, then this is not the “middle line” and then I simply have no criteria for measurement. The joy is always being checked facing the deficiency, wholeness facing lack of wholeness. And only from within the darkness, I achieve the Light.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/25/13, The Writings of Rabash

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