The Concealment Of Perfection And Even Of Its Absence

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe originate from the state of total perfection, called “the world of Infinity.” The only thing missing in it is the realization of this perfection. And it can only be revealed as “the advantage of the Light from the darkness,” meaning by first revealing the lack of perfection, and inside of it—the perfection.

In order to create the sensation of imperfection, many details of concealment unfold in the world of Infinity as a preparation for us. The greatest concealment is the one we are in now, in this world, at the last level of concealment after 125 levels of it. Therefore, these levels are called “worlds,” “Olamot,” originating from the word “Olama,” concealment.

All that we have to do is reveal the world of Infinity, the perfection we are in according to the plan of creation “to delight the creatures,” in order to understand that this state really is the most perfect, wonderful, and good out of every possible state.

At first it seems to us that our dark state of concealment is completely tolerable. We even enjoy it and do not want to move from it to any other place. But then, more and more, we reveal things in this life that do not satisfy us, and start discerning what is imperfect in our state and what can become perfect in the future.

That is how we find many things that we lack (meaning, imperfection): food, sex, family, money, honor, knowledge. And that’s how we reveal that inside of these sources of fulfillment, there definitely cannot be any perfection. Fulfillment is possible only if I come out of myself and fulfill others, thereby becoming equal to the Creator. That is, I have to reveal the Maker, my Creator, and become similar to Him.

After all, he is not present in my material state, in my current desires and needs. In order to find Him, I need a completely different aspiration—a need for bestowal. And as a result of my bestowal to Him, I will reveal Him inside of me and will attain adhesion. That is, I will acquire the same form, the same quality as He has. This will be my true, new desire—the only thing I lack, the thing that defines my imperfection. And there’s nothing more! There’s only the desire to reveal the quality of the Creator inside of me until I reach total adhesion.

When a person makes efforts to attain this desire, along the way he sees that he needs the means for it: the group, the whole world, the teacher, books, the study, and work above knowledge. But in the end he reaches the sensation of imperfection and understands that perfection means adhesion with the Creator, with the quality of bestowal that becomes revealed in a person. But now he does not have it!

This realization is called “I made efforts and found” because now he finds the right desire. And if he experiences his state as imperfect and lacks only the quality of bestowal (bestowal for the sake of bestowal, or even reception for the sake of bestowal), then a change occurs inside of him and he goes from a lack of perfection to perfection. And in this regard, everything is determined by his efforts.

However, the efforts shouldn’t be the ones he wanted to make from within his egoism, but according to what he hears from the teacher and carries out in the group. And on the way he sees many states like that, where he has to lower himself and carry out the instructions of our teachers, the guides on the path. That is how he tips the scale with his efforts, by lowering himself before the advice of the Kabbalists.

And then, from the “613 recommendations” (Eitin) he reaches the “613 instructions of the Torah” (Pkudin), meaning he corrects his desires and merits a “finding” – the revelation of the Creator inside of creation.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/24/11, Shamati

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