“France Is In Free Fall”

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Shawn Tully, senior editor-at-large, CNNMoney): “From a quick look at the headline numbers, France doesn’t appear nearly as stressed as the derisively titled ‘PIIGS,’ Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain. …

“A deeper look shows that France is mired in no less than an economic crisis. The eurozone’s second-largest economy (2012 GDP: 2 trillion euros) is suffering more than any other member from a shocking deterioration in competitiveness. Put simply, France’s products – its cars, steel, clothing, electronics – cost far too much to produce compared with competing goods both from Asia and its European neighbors, including not just Germany but even Spain and Italy. … Even tourism is suffering because of the France’s high prices. …

“In fact, it’s France – not Greece or Spain – that now poses the greatest threat to the euro’s survival. …

“It’s unclear when the crisis that’s going mostly unacknowledged by investors and the Hollande government will erupt into a panic. The chance that France will lower labor costs by the 20% to 30% needed to restore growth is practically zero. Reforms can only happen when the economy is expanding and citizens feel good about the future, the antithesis of the gloom now enveloping France.

“France is heading towards an economic Bastille. The longer it stays on that path, the more possible that the eurozone regime it labored so hard to create will crumble.”

My Comment: The roller of evolutionary development inevitably pushes humanity to become aware of a new system of global interconnection. In our unity, we must reveal the property of bestowal without nullifying the will to receive but above it. In this case, we will have two properties at the same time and will be able to reveal the property of Creator in their being opposite and complements.

Only in connection with each other can we be in two opposite properties (desires, vectors): the natural—to receive and the acquired one—to bestow. We develop them as two planes: the lower one, the desire to receive, develops through the revelation of broken Reshimot naturally, and the upper one, the desire to bestow, we develop by our efforts. Their relative location is called “faith (bestowal) above reason (reception).”

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