A 100% Prayer

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe desire of Malchut of Ein Sof (Infinity) is initially divided into five parts because that’s the way it was created, from the root phase was born phase one, then the second, third, and fourth. Phase four, in turn, is also divided into parts. This phase is already the desire of the created being that feels that he exists and that he is standing before someone whom he wants or doesn’t want to resemble, to receive or not to receive from.

These five phases already exist within the desire itself. Before phase four there were all the attributes, the phases of the Direct Light, and in phase four, it is already a desire. When this desire corrects itself after the shattering, it also has to go through five phases of correction. It is impossible to correct something half way or one fourth of the way; it has to be a whole level each time.

Like in physics, there is no material that is smaller than a quantum, a photon, a fundamental particle. We measure the quantity of matter and energy according to these elementary particles; it is a manifestation of desire. Therefore, our prayer must be a whole prayer: not that we should be helped with a half, a quarter, or even 99% of a prayer. Only when it is finally stabilized is here the leap to the next level, to the next attribute, to a value, to a new quality, that did not exist before. This means that a totally new attribute appears 100% in comparison to what existed in 99.99%. This is the difference between incremental, discrete advancement and integral advancement in a circle.

In that case, all the attributes connect and become a whole attribute. Therefore, it is called a whole desire. It is whole not because it has just grown to 100%, but because of its quality. It becomes round, completely permeated with that attribute, and otherwise it cannot be perceived by the mind or the heart. This desire of 100% cannot enter something that is foreign because it is so round and perfect that it is absolute wholeness.

Until we reach such a whole desire, we will not be able to understand this and will not receive this spiritual revelation.

Even later, on all the other levels, we encounter the same law. “There is no small amount in spirituality”; rather, there must be a whole desire. But if a person sees that he hasn’t attained a whole desire yet, he must pray and when his prayer, the deficiency and the demand to attain a whole desire is finally clarified, he will receive a whole desire from Above and in it the revelation of the Creator.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/20/13

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