A “Pill” Against Terrorist Attacks And Wars

Dr. Michael LaitmanSpecial Edition: Events in Southern Israel

Friends, brothers, we need to find a solution to our problems. And for that we need to understand their true cause. They stem from the law of nature that develops us in a certain direction—towards unity.

Actually, it is not complex; however, this decision is contrary to our egoism, and thus we cannot see it. I do not accept the idea that I need to change myself; I do not understand what it means to “Love your neighbor as yourself.” But time is running, and we will have to turn to unity, in the worst case, under the real threat of destruction. By definition, the people of Israel have to be “as one man with one heart.” And when it begins to realize its destiny, all the troubles will recede, all the storms will subside.

The main thing is to start. After all, a person gets strength from the environment. So, if we act together, everyone will start to change, by being included in the process. We teach children to be kind and sympathetic; we reprove their antagonism and conflicts. It is time for adults to work on themselves. This is a simple solution—a “pill” that is easy to take. Let’s try, and the results will be immediate. Why do we need wars and terrorist attacks? Instead of war, public opinion and working together should be used, and Hamas will step aside.

Let’s reflect on mutual guarantee—not to win over the external enemy, but over the internal one. And the rest will come. It is the people of Israel who should initiate this process that will spread to the whole world.

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