Everyone Has The End Of The Thread

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe only receive the recognition of evil from the Creator; in fact, He created only the desire to receive. The Light, the means that will help us correct our state, we must find within the environment.

The point is that the action from the side of the Creator is to give us the recognition of evil, and the action from the side of the creature is, after reaching the recognition of evil, to ask for correction. This is the work.

I don’t need anything from the Creator, only that He will disclose to me that I exist within evil. But it is only in the real evil, “the quality,” that I need to understand that I am lacking the attribute of bestowal and to feel bad because of that. All the rest will move by itself: Of course I will run to find help, I will cry, ask, and demand, until I force Him to correct me.

Thus, the task of the Creator is to reveal the evil, and my task is to demand from Him to transform the evil into good.

Question: How is it possible to increase the intensity of my request to the Creator?

Answer: The intensity depends on how bad you feel in your egoistic attributes. Everything moves only after the feeling; the intellect is useless here. Thus, I need to translate the situation to feeling: I feel bad that I exist in the desire to receive.

For example, I feel shame when people around me look at me with open disregard. I simply can only think: “How can I go on? Indeed, tomorrow, I will need to see them again.” So when I feel bad, I look for a way out.

But if you felt good and didn’t feel any shame, then you wouldn’t be able to approach correction. The ego is certainly provided for and someone’s talking out there doesn’t concern me. Words in themselves are powerless. I need to transfer them to that inner level where they will cause a response that I will really feel bad about the way they relate to me. The influence of the environment needs to control my own power of self-persuasion. In short, I need to feel shame. It brings me to “restriction,” to a request, to everything that will come later.

Question: How can one amplify this shame?

Answer: Through the power of thought.

Question: How can one amplify the thought?

Answer: By the power of persistence, by using perseverance.

Question: How can one increase the persistence?

Answer: Ask the friends to help you remember to think about it and the awareness of the importance.

Question: What if I forget to ask this from them?

Answer: Write them an email in advance so that they will support you.

Question: What if I forget to write the email?

Answer: It just cannot be that a person isn’t given an opportunity and isn’t given the end of the thread. He’s always able and needs to begin his path from something.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/30/12, “Introduction to The Book of Zohar

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