Don’t Leave Any Crumbs Uneaten

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom Baal HaSulam’s Letter No. 38: But the most important is the labor, to wish to toil in His work. This is because the ordinary work does not count at all, but only the bits that are beyond the ordinary, which are called “labor.” It is like a person who needs a pound of bread for satiation—his whole meal is not considered a satiating meal, except for the last bit of the pound. That bit, for all its smallness, makes the meal satiating. Similarly, from each work, the Creator draws only the surplus beyond the ordinary, and they will become the Kelim (vessels) for the reception of the Upper Light. You should realize this very well!

We don’t notice that every action of ours is divided into HaVaYaH, into four phases: the entire process, any and every fragment of it, every single movement, even the smallest one.

Eventually, a person gets to realize that he is incapable of anything on his own and that only the upper Light can act and only the Creator is able to perform the action. The Creator reveals Himself and starts acting only to the extent that a person clears the room for Him, for the state that is called “None else besides Him.” If a person doesn’t come to this kind of result, it means that he hasn’t concluded his action.

Our work is to blow away the concealment and allow the space for the King, so that He rules over everything. It happens only at the end of each effort, and by that a person sees that it is the only thing he needs to learn.

Hence, it means that a person hasn’t come to the end of his exertion, nor has he achieved the goal, since he failed to clear the room for the Creator and implore Him to reveal Himself in the point of his utmost exertion, which one tries to resolve on one’s own.

It’s important to develop sensitivity and a “touch” in order to tell whether we have managed to complete our actions each time, that is, whether we have compelled the Creator to reveal Himself to us even more and whether we succeeded to make a little more room for Him—for the property of bestowal that takes over certain qualities of ours.
From the Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/1/12

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