Unbreakable Knot: Wall Street And An African Village

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Is it necessary to have intensive studies for a long period of time so that the majority of people could approach the integral level?

Answer: We should not wait until they reach it. We don’t have time.

We see that the so-called “progressive” societies of the world are in a very critical state. Since the world is interconnected, they will naturally influence the entire world with their undesirable extreme fallout; nothing good will come from that.

Here we cannot take a statistically average segment. We should define it according to the most extreme states where the wealth, power, force, and weapons exist because it is the highest level and defines the level of human development.

Today we cannot say, “Humanity has Wall Street and at the same time it has an African village, and their average is modern humanity.” No!

Since Wall Street is working for the entire world, we should take it into account. The African village will feel its influence in any case. If Wall Street disappears, the African village will die from starvation or it will be reduced to ashes if Wall Street wishes so.
From a “Talk on Integral Education” #33, 5/25/12

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  1. “Do not cut off your nose to spite your face”

    There is only the force, which bore all of this. It is critical that we use everything that has emerged from the waters, or we will fail. The only way forward, is together. Do not play favorites, but know where the nerve centers are, and how the power and energy flows. Only then will we know exactly where, and what to say.

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