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Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Mark Sandomirsky, psychotherapist): “The younger ones often know more than the senior ones. Technological progress is very rapid, and the difference in the perception of the world for children and adults is enormous.

“The so-called pre-figurative society has been formed, which in principle is easily explained: children process the information field differently, assimilate the data more quickly, and for adults it is more difficult to keep up with advances in technology. That is why a five-year-old can easily turn on any electrical device and tell his grandmother how to use it.

“And one could only be glad that a new generation is advancing if it were not for the problems arising from this distance between adults and children.

“The first one is that the younger generation develops the illusion of access to knowledge: you can ‘google’ any information and find it on the Internet. The second one is that their sense of superiority destroys the authority of adults. Both of these problems are concentrated precisely in school, but it is simply impossible to solve them in the present school organization. …

“Two things are still needed for the effective learning of children. Firstly, they must come together to compete with each other, including assessment, as competition is the best stimulus for learning. Secondly, they just need an adult who would be the moral authority for them and coordinator of information flow. ”

My Comment: We need to get together, not to develop competitive skills, but to develop mutual support and understanding that in today’s integral society it is precisely cooperation that gives rise to success.

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