Mentality Is Irrelevant

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Should we aim towards the preparation of versatile experts on integral methodology, or should the preparation of people be according to the cultural characteristics of each country?

Answer: I think not. The general system is very simple: rejecting what we have now and training in order to rise above it to unity.

After we rise to unity, based on it, we continue to exist on its level. We don’t descend downwards. We have risen, connected together into something integral; we feel warmth in it, kindness, reciprocity, support, mutual guarantee, and now we swim on this level, on this warm wave. Based on that, we will solve all questions. We will understand that all of the questions arise only for us to unite more strongly on this wave and to rise higher thereby. Each connection is an ascent.

And then we’ll see that all of our past problems were not problems; rather, they were unsolved due to our lack of understanding—the unsolved urges towards unity. But now we have united and that’s why we don’t need to solve them. And everything that will emerge in us tomorrow, let’s solve it every time only based on our common integral force—how to rise above all problems ever more.

It will then be unimportant what mentality, people, or nations and cultures will be uniting into this. They may even tell each other about their distinctive qualities: how I look at the world, how you do, how he does, and how each one experiences these problems. After all, in the end, humanity must come together into one united image, into a single unified human! That’s why we do not need to prepare separate experts for each culture.
From a “Talk on Integral Upbringing” 5/31/12

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