In Light Of The Convention

Dr. Michael LaitmanThis congress was not only uniting, but also dividing those who meet the requirements of the group (systematic studies, dissemination, and Maaser) and those who don’t meet them.

We must come to the state when the center of our group, the steadiest friends, will meet the requirements of the Creator to become similar to Him on the first, 1/125th degree of the ladder of His revelation. In this case, they will be able to become the part of the world group of Bnei Baruch through which the Light passes to the rest (See “The Introduction to The Book of Zohar”).

Then, around this part, other parts will be formed, like spreading waves, according to compliance with the rules of similarity with the Creator, the property of bestowal.

The rules are not invented by me, but set by the Kabbalists; we know them well, but don’t find it compulsory to perform them accurately, thinking that they are not necessary for the revelation of the Creator. Now, we were given this understanding for the first time.

I refer those who are not satisfied with these requirements to the Creator; perhaps, He might change the conditions of the contract for them: “The Law of the equivalence of form” (communicating spiritual vessels/properties).

Those who recognize the need for these conditions can choose where to be, in which circle: the central or external. In the future, we will specify the conditions of each circle.

I love all of you, and everyone is dear to me, and all this is done in order to pull everyone to the goal and eliminate the earthly confusion on the spiritual path.


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  1. Hooray

  2. What about Mariage?

  3. I am shocked about this outcome. Please explain more in detail why suddenly and very surprisingly this measure was taken. How should friends feel connection and mutual guarantee if they are excluded from an inner circle? Is it not natural that everybody has the desire to belong to the inner circle?

  4. As soon as I read the word “divide” my soul was crushed and I cried out to the Creator…”Please LORD do not let us divide ourselves as the world does…draw us together more!!! We are One Soul! In Your wisdom You have each us us where we are to be right now on the spiritual path. Many of our family have a great spiritual desire…but not always the corporeal means to meet corporeal requirements. Open the hearts of all within BB to see we need to be One! This is Your will Mighty God!…may Your will be done!…not man’s will!!! We are One…We are Equal!!! Let us not see our sisters and brothers as inner and outer…as higher or lower… as worthy and not worthy…etc. Let us all UNITE together as One for Your Name Sake!!! Let it be so…Amen!

    Trudy <3

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