Illuminated By The Light Of Unity

Dr. Michael LaitmanUnity and cohesion in the upper One is the Light for the lower one. There is no Light as such; fulfillment is created by those additional qualities that we develop: the screen, our attitude, and our values. All of this fills us and serves as the Light for us. In reality, everything is determined by our attitude.

How do we feel the Creator, His attitude? The upper Light is not a light bulb, but rather the impressions within a person. That is why a group that is becoming united and gradually passes through all the stages reveals the Creator at the highest stage, the fourth stage of its unity. Our maximum connection is the state of final readiness in which we discover the spiritual spark, the force that came to us from the Creator. In Him we attain that very point that came indirectly from Him. All of this is realized within the group; as it is said, “The Creator lives within His people.” That is why, on the one hand, advancement is impossible without unity in the group, and on the other hand, without studies and dissemination. By these two actions, we bring about the general correction.
From a “Talk About General Questions” 6/29/12

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