Getting Ready For The Congress: Second Round Of Questions

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What should I do if, during the convention, I connect via the Internet, and in the workshop, I can only hear the focus group? How should I incorporate in the unity like the people who physically attend the convention?

Answer: The friends who conduct the workshop on the other side of the screen are with me. I also am connected to the focus group, only listen to these friends, and as appropriate, give instructions and speak. I don’t hear the others, so you are in the same situation I am in, and it is enough in order to be with me. If a person sits by himself in front of a screen during the workshop and opens his heart as strongly as he can, he is with us.

Question: How should the groups around the world prepare for the convention?

Answer: Just like we do. After all, the distances don’t separate us. Prepare mattresses and food and everything that you need in order to constantly be with us, like us. Then, you surely will experience the same feelings, the same fillings, the same states.

Question: Should we have a protocol in this convention?

Answer: Yes, the same protocol as in the workshops or in the group according to which a person comes to the convention only to connect. By that, it will be clear what we have to do.

No one can leave for a while during the convention; no one does anything outside the general framework. In short, we are consolidated. People who served in the army will find it easier; they have such memories.

One way or another, a person should follow his feelings, and everything should follow the feeling of unity from which no one detaches himself. After all, the moment a person leaves this feeling, this necessity, the yearning for it, he falls.

Then, he needs a protocol in order to act according to its rules. In the meantime, he holds on to the unity, and the protocol is written in his heart.

This refers to all the groups. People who don’t take part in our daily activities, but feel a need to participate, can join our groups, but it should be full participation. You cannot just visit the friends during the convention for a couple of hours and that’s it. If a person participates in the convention, it should be from the beginning to the end and only with the permission of the group if his intentions are really serious. Our convention is not for beginners, but for those who follow our path and who feel the need to unite in order to reach the spiritual world.

Question: How can we choose a stronger environment before the convention?

Answer: In order to do that, we must unite as strongly as we can. I don’t escape from one group to another, and I don’t choose between two groups. I clarify the concept of a “group” itself.

Question: A week ago, you said that a 1% effort during the morning lesson is much more effective than a 10% effort during the convention. So, why do we need the convention?

Answer: The morning lesson involves greater difficulties since is very hard to work against a habit, but, indeed, by many actions during the morning lesson, we can do much more and come to greater results than during a convention. If we made enough efforts during the morning lesson, if we were serious and constantly thought about how to make the best of it, we wouldn’t need conventions. They wouldn’t compensate for much either. After all, every morning lesson is a special event, an important state.

Question: What should be the outcome of this convention? What is the final picture that you see?

Answer: Constant unity in which we open up the upper dimension.

Question: How should we aim ourselves with the help of the convention and the Creator who does everything so that this wisdom will become common knowledge so that it will be the general approach of the group?

Answer: Everything is revealed in unity.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 7/2/12, “Questions About the Congress of Consolidation in the North of Israel”

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  1. Rav,

    Some of our friends who connect virtually and don’t have a physical group perhaps are unaware that many friends connect during the workshop, and in the daily lessons, through virtual means like Team Talk.

    This allows for them to speak in the workshop virtually, and in general, to have a virtual environment where they are with other friends constantly in the daily lessons.

    If there are those who don’t know maybe you could write something about this? Since it would be a shame for friends to not know that there are others connecting virtually who would gladly take them in and participate with them fully during lessons/workshops!

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