Everyone Has Their Own Predisposition

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe integral method comes from Kabbalah, which explains everything based on the upper system controlling humanity. Everything that happens is explained by purely Kabbalistic, scientific, rigid, and clear terminology, with formulations, graphics, and so on. In other words, the egoism of a person and all of nature—the inanimate, vegetative, and animate nature, as well as the human society—develop under the influence of a particular force.

This force of development is the force that activates nature, which can be called the Creator because it creates and gives birth to our continuously new states and works within us. It is our inner energy, which moves our egoism.

In Kabbalah, all these actions, rules, and laws, the correlations between our egoism and the force that influences it, are scrutinized in a very clear and scientific manner. Various interconnections have been deduced and described from the earliest times, and over the course of millennia we can see how it truly works.

Every person engaged in Kabbalah begins to feel this system, to see it in a purely cerebral manner: all of our “wheels” interlocked, how everyone rotates, and how we need to change.

However, we cannot offer people this system, since not everyone can be physicists, chemists, and biologists; everyone has their own niche, their own predisposition to something. Therefore, we cannot teach people Kabbalah since, first of all they lack any interest in it, and second of all, it is not enough to just teach because a person needs to have some inner predisposition to it.

For example, what would happen if a physicist who has no desire or inner drive to dance suddenly begins to take dance classes? What will come out of this? Maybe he would be able to perform some dance somewhere, but he definitely will not become a ballet dancer. It is the same here. There is no point in teaching a person Kabbalah if he has no desire to learn about the system that governs the world, humanity, and all of nature.

It is a system, a hidden force of nature. It is hidden from us only because we are not on its level. Its level is the level of common integral interconnection where everything individual vanishes and becomes common and integral.

If we prepare people, they will begin to sense this. However, if they have no predisposition to it from the start, we prepare them with common integral courses. Of course we don’t tell them about this inner system; otherwise, they would think we are mystics or part of the New Age movement. By bringing them together and going through unity workshops with them, we prepare them to feel what happens as a result of unification, we lead them into feeling what happens when people unite. We tell them, “Just notice the new sensations and states that you experience with each other. There is some commonality that develops, new thoughts and desires that are not someone’s in particular, but which arise as a consequence of your communication, as a reward and result of your unification. This common force, a common thought unites you and all your individual aspirations to connect, and thus it is your next integral stage.”

And now on the integral stage (which we approach gradually, of course, to the extent that a person develops in the process of the workshops),”Let’s try to feel what this commonality, this force is. What if we try to view the whole world through it, and see that the world is integral? If I am integral now, how will this world appear to me?”

And then when I look at the world through the collective integral lenses, rather than through my egoistic glasses, I really begin to see that the world truly is an integral machine, an analog system, and everything in it is interconnected. Meanwhile, I only saw everything differently and that’s why I kept trying to “pull the blanket onto myself,” and by taking too much, I created such pressure that I needed to hold onto it with all my force so that I wouldn’t lose it. Therefore, my whole life was in total pressure of not losing this “blanket.”

But if I had looked at the world differently, I would have seen how simple it is to let go of my edge of the “blanket” if I interact with others. And no one tries to steal it from me, since everyone finds themselves covered under the same “blanket,” and no one lacks anything. However, when we see this system, let’s just all agree that we are ready to accept it. It will force us to reach integrality regardless, only by force, through pain and suffering, instead of through conscious realization.

This is how we advance with our esteemed audience, changing them gradually.
From a “Talk on Integral Upbringing” 5/29/12 

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  1. Dear Rav

    Is there an advantage to studying Kabbalah over Integral Education or “The Wisdom of Connection”? Or perhaps it’s better to say: Does a person benefit more by studying Kabbalah as apposed to learning IE or “Wisdom of Connection”?


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