Egoistic Rivalry

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe problem in our life is that we are in a constant egoistic conflict between us as to who will “devour” the other, throw the other on his back, trample him, bite, steal, and so on. Subconsciously, we constantly are measuring ourselves this way in comparison to others, and so we have to make constant efforts to even falsely hold on to this feeling.

If we don’t feel ourselves as higher than others at least in something, we become depressed and feel powerless. We must revenge, destroy and lead the world to any kind of war if we see that we don’t succeed.

This means that the world is not important to us and neither are other people. All we need is our little, personal, individual, egoistic success. Everyone basically understands this, but it is for this reason that we naturally feel a constant inner tension. This is our biggest problem.

When we think about success, first of all, we think about how we have to trample someone on the way, step over someone who is in my way, and so forth. These may be people, organizations, inner personal problems or whatever, but I constantly have to overcome some obstacles.

It all stems from the fact that our movement forward is based only on an egoistic struggle, on conflicts with each other. This means that I am in a constant struggle by encountering another ego, anther opinion.

No one cares about justice. I just need to win, and all the rest can come later! If I need to change something in order to succeed, let’s say, my perspective, I am ready to do that since winning is now more important to me than changing my perspective. This means that there is an inner calculation, to put it bluntly, “switching a bull for a cow,” to what seems more important at present, but nothing more than that.
From a “Talk on Integral Upbringing” 5/29/12

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