Don’t Hope For A “Maybe”

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How should a woman, studying Kabbalah, maintain a balance between the material and spiritual life, and is it necessary? Should she simply turn away from everything material and aspire just to spirituality?

Answer: I don’t understand why it applies to women. Why doesn’t this apply to any person? First of all, it doesn’t matter whether it is a man or a woman.

In no case we should turn away from the material life. Kabbalah is not in favor of monkhood or seclusion. We must think about this world, about the essentials for living, this is stated in Kabbalah. A person should provide himself with everything he needs, rather than hope that “maybe someone will help.” He needs to have his place and normal, reasonable income. It is a must! And we have to take care of this first of all, instead of relying on others, waiting for help.
From a Talk During the Meal in Toronto 6/19/12

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One Comment

  1. “He needs to have his place and normal, reasonable income. It is a must!” What a strange statement in this day and age. I appreciate Dr. Laitmans Kabbalistic expertise, but his political and economical views, i think they are partly rather narrow minded and not very reasonable, or even rather contradictory. The situation in Europe, Spain, Germany, or Greece and all over the world doesn’t provide for “normal, reasonable income” for everybody. Does that mean, when one doesn’t have this “middle class bourgois lifestyle”, that excludes one from the study of Kabbalah? That sounds rather hostile and extremist to me.

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