Detector For The Creator

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe are all “floating” in the informational field. It is above time, space, and movement. It is constant. But we are not sensing this field because we have different properties. However, if we unite, we become, to the extent of our degree of interconnection, similar to this field; we become unified as it is and begin to pick up its information.

When everyone exists in the state of separation without uniting with others, then he senses in this informational field only a small informational part that is sensed by everyone as “our world” isolated from this informational field and can be sensed only in this person, in his individual egoistic part.

As soon as we unite, the minimum of many is two (“Miut Ha-Rabim—Shnayim”), then we right away start to correspond to this informational field and begin to sense it at the minimal level called, let’s say, “Nefesh de Nefesh.” And so forth, meaning that according to the law of similarity, we sense this field, the Creator, to the degree of our connection. By this we are making a sense organ out of ourselves.

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